Fake News Watch: BBC’s Andrew Marr Wrong Over Farage Quote

Nigel Farage clashed with BBC host Andrew Marr on Sunday as the Brexit Party leader criticised the “irrelevant line of questioning”.

During the show Marr asked Farage why he didn’t advocate no deal.

Marr: So you accept that you weren’t advocating no deal back then

Farage: Oh, no no no. In the referendum itself I was the one that coined the phrase ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’

Marr: I’ve gone back and if you said it, you said it away from the cameras and the microphones because I can’t find examples of you saying this.

Farage: No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ I was using every day for the last two weeks of that campaign.

Marr: Right. We can’t find it.

The problem with Marr’s claim is that it took the Unredacted team less than 5 minutes to find two examples of BBC reporting on Farage advocating no deal:

A BBC news article from June 6, 2016 reporting on the ITV referendum debate quotes Farage as having said: “No deal is better than the rotten deal that we have at the moment”

Then a second BBC News article from June 30, 2016 delivers another blow to Marr’s claim “No deal is better than the deal we currently have”.

How on earth did Andrew Marr and the BBC’s research team miss examples of their own reporting?