Fake News Watch: BBC’s Andrew Marr Shows Huge Anti-Brexit Bias

Surprise, surprise… Andrew Marr is at it once again.

We revealed last week that he missed the BBC’s own reporting after accusing Nigel Farage of never having said “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

This week he invited five remain supporting politicians onto the show: Jeremy Corbyn, Chuka Umunna, Vince Cable, Nicola Sturgeon, and Rory Stewart.

Despite it being the last opportunity to debate before Thursday’s Euro vote, BBC’s flagship politics show declined to invite a single pro-Brexit politician.

During last week’s interview with Farage, Marr constantly interrupted and tried to bring up ‘gotcha’ quotes from more than a decade ago.

Marr changed strategy this week, actually discussing the Brexit and allowing guests to answer questions without interruption.

Corbyn’s exchange with Marr was almost surreal. He failed to answer seven times when questioned on Labour’s Brexit policy. Marr left him almost unchallenged during the entire interview.

How does the BBC justify freezing out the Brexiteers who represent the majority of our electorate?