Remain Loser Alert: Boris Johnson Faces Court Over £350 Million

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Sometimes you have to wonder if Remainers can get anymore bitter… Turns out they can.

Boris Johnson is to be summonsed to court over claims Vote Leave made that the UK sends the EU £350 million a week.

Judge Margot Coleman found that there was “prima facie” evidence of potential misconduct in a public office.

Businessman Marcus Ball is the man behind the private case. He lives in West London and pays himself a full-time salary from the crowd funder he setup for the case.

His crowd funder has raised £234,345 since launching in November of 2018.

Mr Ball’s team are attempting a legal first by prosecuting a sitting MP over ‘lying to the public’.

Perhaps Brexiteers should sue certain Remainers for their scare-mongering claims in the run up to the 2016 referendum…

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