Trump Asks To Meet Farage, Johnson, and Gove

Reports are flooding in that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has requested to meet Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, and Nigel Farage during his trip to the U.K.

This comes after Trump met with the Royal Family and Theresa May. Speculation is mounting that Trump is now looking to the potential successors.

Johnson and Gove are neck-and-neck contenders for the Conservative Party leadership, and many are touting the pair as the final-two.

Famously, in the last leadership contest Gove abandoned his support for Boris to run himself, in what was at the time considered to be a serious betrayal between old friends.

Now the two have received Presidential recognition of their likelihood to succeed Mrs May as Prime Minister after POTUS requested to meet with them separately.

Interestingly, Mr Trump has also requested to meet Nigel Farage.

Perhaps in this case Trump is looking to the even further future and envisages a potential Farage/Brexit Party government within the next five years after the Brexit Party stormed to victory in the EU Elections.

It may be simply that Trump would like to see Farage due to their personal friendship, after the pair became acquainted during Trump’s run for President in 2016.

Last time Trump visited the UK, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson were banned from meeting with him by Mrs May.

Now weakened and on the way out, May no longer has the sway to demand this.

Trump is building a transatlantic coalition with key Brexiteers to ensure US priority in post-Brexit trade deals and hedging his bets.

Whether Boris, Gove, or Farage is PM over Trump’s next term, you can be sure he’ll keep them close.