Fake News Watch: BBC Debate Guest Is Labour Staffer

The BBC is facing fresh criticism after it emerged that an ex-Labour staffer was featured on the show, despite making a shocking claim about Adolf Hitler.

Aman Thakar accused the panel leadership candidates of having no democratic mandate to lead the country as only Conservative Party members can vote in the final round.

A historic tweet by Mr Thakar read: “Hitler’s abuse of the term nationalism is, to me, a nationalist, the most harmful part of his legacy.”

Adolf Hitler’s legacy includes the killing of six million European Jews.

Mr Thakar is a former Labour Party council candidate and was subsequently brought in by Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti to help investigate anti-Semitism within the party. He has now been suspended by his current employer Leigh Day solicitors.

It comes after another another guest on the show was found to have made controversial remarks about Israel.