FAKE NEWS WATCH: Guardian claim Brexit is bad for the economy

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The Guardian have continued their Fake News campaign this morning, with an article claiming that the prospect of No Deal has stymied growth.

In this article the approaching likelihood of a No-Deal Brexit is referred to as the “rising risk of”. This negative phrasing is clear smear.

Linking the economy to Brexit has been the go-to trick of the press for the past three years. Good economic news is “in spite of Brexit,” whilst bad economic news is “because of Brexit”.

Markets have always been capricious, and they always will be. That is the nature of the economy.

Some days the markets trend up and some days they trend down. When all the ups are “in spite of” and all the downs are “because of”, it may be worth assessing whether this is based on reasoned analysis of the market – or on pre-existing biases.

The Fake News media have a clear confirmation bias, which infuses their editorial content with the stench of leftist pigswill.

It’s not that they’re too stupid to know these claims are unfounded: it’s that they believe you are stupid enough to buy it!

They know as well as we do that a so-called “No-Deal Brexit” is the Brexit that 17.4 million people voted for three years ago.

The idea that we need a deal only began after the vote was won – as a way to avoid actually leaving.

The FTSE 100 & 250 indexes for the past 5 years tell a very different story. They show enormous growth immediately after the 2016 vote.

After years of stagnation, Britain has seen investment and growth: because of Brexit.

This progress just in light of the vote to Leave; think how much more so the economy will thrive once we do actually Leave.

FTSE100 5-year graph

FTSE250 5-year graph

The mainstream media have got away with their campaign of fear and lies for too long.

A severe lack of accountability has allowed the Fake News Media to control the narrative and curated a culture of lies.

These catalysts for propaganda have become complacent – but the people are waking up.

Help us to fight the Fake News Media!

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