7 in 10 Tory members back Boris

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Things are looking bad for Team Hunt today, as polls reveal 67% of Tory Members are supporting Boris Johnson.

Team Hunt had been hoping a low turnout might close the gap; but with Boris leading by a whopping 36 points, it’s not looking promising for Mr Hunt.

Former arch-Remainer, Jeremy Hunt, now conveniently quiet on Brexit has failed to whip up any support among the party membership.

Having been carried through to the last two by Remainer Tory MPs, Hunt now faces reality in the public vote – a far more Eurosceptic electorate than the Parliamentary Conservative Party.

It is now looking like a short sharp victory for Boris, who couldn’t have hoped for an easier opponent.

Let’s just hope BoJo delivers on his Brexit promises.

Remain Loser Alert: Boris Johnson Faces Court Over £350 Million
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