Bannon planning movie on Church corruption

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Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to the 2016 Trump campaign, is reportedly planning a movie on homosexuality and corruption in the Catholic Church.

A source close to Bannon has revealed that the 65 year old former investment banker has been seriously considering turning Frederic Martel’s controversial 2019 book “In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisyinto a movie.

The film would explore the culture of hushed-up sex scandals and bullying which begins in seminaries and follows through into diocesan life.

The Vatican, according to Martel, is a hive for such activity – and Il Giornale calls the Church “the largest gay community in the world.”

Martel claims that a sexual mafia operates within the Church, using the sexual pasts (and often ongoing activity) of priests to bully and control them.

It is the currency by which all other corruption within the Church goes unchecked.

Anyone who threatens whistle-blowing or revelations about financial or political corruption may be subject to nasty stories emerging about them.

As such, a large mafia operates within the Church propped up by mutually assured destruction rooted in sexuality.

This is a self-perpetuating phenomenon as anyone who does not actively engage in sexual activity in seminaries finds themselves a pariah.

Often young seminarians leave, or are asked to leave, as a result of this.

This does not happen in every seminary or diocese, but it is prevalent enough to create a rotten core within the heart of the Church.

Some estimates suggest that more than half of all priests are homosexual.

The hypocrisy alone is astounding, but when coupled with the corruption it turns even seedier.

Martel, himself gay, investigated this case over four-years, interviewing a number of seminarians, priests, and other clergy in the process.

This book is the most authoritative account of the case and unique in covering this controversial issue in such depth.

Bannon is now considering bringing Martel’s findings to a wider audience by releasing a film which covers the topic.

This too is a deeply controversial move which has divided opinion across the board.

Some Traditionalist elements of the Church object on the basis that such a project may damage the Church, whilst other Traditionalists argue that it is necessary to shine a light on corruption so as to chase it out.

Some Progressives in the Church object on the basis that the sexuality of a priest should be his business, while others argue that the racketeering nature of how sexual culture exists should be expunged.

Many outside of the Church take this as yet more evidence that the Church is outdated, whilst some sympathise that similar corruption pervades any wealthy and powerful institution.

Taboo, or illicit, sexuality has always been the basis of blackmail, control, and Machiavellian chicanery.

Extra-marital affairs, soliciting prostitutes, sexting scandals, and others are all still used as Kompromat in politics and business.

Were homosexuality permitted in the Church it would soon be replaced by something else.

The crux of this scandal is the way power is used and abused.

One thing is certain: Mr Bannon is staying true to character and not shying away from scandal. 

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