Labour polling FOURTH: New low for Corbyn and Co.

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The Labour Party are now backed by fewer that one-fifth of the electorate, according to a recent poll.

The recent YouGov poll revealed that only 18% now support Labour.

This is an all-time-low for Labour, and only the second time the party has fallen behind the Lib Dems in Westminster polls.

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party continues to haemorrhage votes to the Brexit Party, which is polling on 23%.

The Conservative Party retains a 1-point lead on the Brexit Party, at 24%.

Current trends indicate the Brexit Party may soon pull ahead to first place.

Jeremy Corbyn is the most likely cause of this crisis for Labour, with an abysmal approval rating of 19%.

Meanwhile, Theresa May polls at 27% approval. The least popular Prime Minister in a generation is polling higher than the Leader of the Opposition – which is a shocking embarrassment for the Labour Party.

An opposition party traditionally polls well, as they act as a ‘vox populi’ against the government.

Corbyn’s lack of success here is emblematic of the Labour Party’s unpopularity.

The Brexit Party now fill the vacuum left by Labour, becoming the de-facto opposition, despite not having a single seat in Parliament.

With a General Election due in 2022, the two main parties have an Herculean task ahead of them.

It may not be impossible to turn polls around in three-years, but it would require radical change.

The Conservative Party, under their next leader, must deliver a swift, clean, and hard Brexit in order to survive.

Labour will need a new leader, sweeping policy reforms, and to clarify their position on Brexit.

Corbyn Ends Brexit Talks, Blasts May's Deal

For both parties the challenge is immense, and currently trends suggest a ConBrex coalition at the next General Election.

Prepare for government, Mr Farage.

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