US Ambassador QUITS after Trump debacle

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The British ambassador to the US has resigned, after his very public spat with President Trump earlier this week.

A leaked email from Kim Darroch called Trump’s administration “inept and insecure”.

Nigel Farage responded to this, calling Darroch “totally unsuitable for office”.

President Trump tweeted that Darroch is “not liked or well thought of,” and that the United States “will no longer deal with him”.

Outgoing British Prime Minister, Theresa May, backed Darroch saying she has “full faith” in the ambassador, and called for an inquiry into the leak.

Meanwhile, other Tories have avoided condemning Darroch, toeing the party line in calling for the prosecution of the leaker.

Liam Fox MP initially backed calls for the prosecution of the leaker, but went on to apologise to Ivanka Trump for Darroch’s emails.

Cunning Fox appears to be playing both sides.

Others, such as leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt, have thrown their full weight behind Darroch.

Hunt has said that the British government should not fire the ambassador, despite POTUS saying he will no longer work with him.

Boris is lukewarm, and skillfully evaded questions about the leak.

Darroch clearly saw the writing on the wall, and has resigned.

Although formally a resignation, speculation is mounting that he was pushed.

The government publicly backed Darroch so as to appear not to have been directed by Trump, but pressure will have mounted on Darroch to resign for the sake of diplomatic ties between the UK government and the Trump administration.

Those ties will be fundamental to Britain’s immediate post-Brexit trade and diplomatic reorganisation.

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Darroch, who Trump referred to as a “very stupid guy,” and a “pompous fool,” found that his position was untenable from the moment of the leak.

The public support of Darroch by May, Hunt, and the UK Government will have weakened them.

Meanwhile Messrs. Boris, Farage, Trump, et. al. are strengthened by Darroch’s resignation.

The message is clear for virtue-signalling activist diplomats: don’t cross Trump!

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