MI5 Opened File On Jeremy Corbyn Over Terrorist Links

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With less than a week before a General Election that had already been looking grim for Jeremy Corbyn, it had been revealed that MI5 opened a file on the Labour leader amid concerns over his links to a terrorist group.

Corbyn had previously been criticised for attending a ceremony for Palestinian terrorists where he laid a wreath. He also invited a muslim hate preacher to tea in parliament after calling him an “honoured citizen” – despite UK attempts to deport the subject.

MI5 investigated Jeremy Corbyn over fears he was a threat to national security due to his support for convicted terrorists.

A source close to the investigation said a file would be opened on “someone who sympathises with a certain group, or is friends with a specific person”.

Archives also show that he left fellow MPS and members of his own party “appalled” at his decision to invite IRA members into the Houses of Parliament soon after the Brighton bombing.

In a previous interview with the BBC, Jeremy Corbyn refused five times to condemn the murders by the IRA.

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