BLACK ONLY SCHOOLS: Racist professor wants more segregation, er… for some reason.

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Kehinde Andrews is famous for getting into shouting matches with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. 

As a regular guest, he has frequently outraged us with his comments about the English flag being racist. 

He also accused RAF heroes of being war criminals. Most recently, he said that the British Empire did more harm than the Nazis.

An investigation has found that Andrews called for separate black schools with a black curriculum. 

The irony of calling for institutionalised segregation at the same time as screaming ‘racism’ at every opportunity does seem to be lost on Mr Andrews.

He is currently crowdfunding to open the Marcus Garvey Centre for Education in Handsworth, Birmingham — a “black supplementary school.”

Andrews has claimed that the proceeds from his latest book will go towards the school.

Andrews is Britain’s first Professor of “Black Studies.”  He teaches at Birmingham City University.


Why are British taxpayers paying this man’s salary? 

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