GLOATERS: Labour bigwigs claim responsibility for Katie Hopkins Twitter ban

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A group called the Center [sic] for Countering Digital Hate has been gloating over how they were responsible for the suspension of Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account.

As well as being suspended, all of Hopkins’ tweets have been deleted. 

Now, an investigation reveals close Labour links to the group at the highest level. 

The CEO of the operation, Imran Ahmed, is the Director of ‘Labour Campaigns.’ He co-wrote a book with top Labour Angela Eagle MP in 2018. 

Two of the four directors of the group also have direct Labour connections: Kirsty McNeill was an adviser to Gordon Brown, and Morgan McSweeney is a director of the ‘Labour Together’ group. 

The shadow company hasn’t revealed who is funnelling money into it. 

Imran Ahmed has said that they are “partnering” with organisations like the Jo Cox Foundation and Stonewall, plus “public figures like presenter Chris Packham and Obama fellow Alex Smith.”

This means Labour bigwigs are palling around with top Twitter execs and having secret strategic meetings to clamp down on free speech. 

After being expressly rejected by the people of Britain at the ballot box, it seems the Labourites have resorted to dirty tricks in order to subvert democracy and free speech in Britain.

The left-wing Twitter Mafia strikes again.  Who exactly do they think they are?  


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