How To Protect Your Family Against Deadly Coronavirus

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As Coronavirus begins to spread across the UK, scientists are worried that the deadly virus could cause a pandemic and wipe out an already stretched NHS.

The latest patient flew into the UK from China just days ago, before attending a conference where she potentially exposed all 250 attendees to the virus. The impact of this could be devastating as officials scramble to track down all attendees.

While the United States and Australia have already imposed bans on travellers who have visited recently China, flights from the region are still landing into UK airports. This is despite chief medical officers raising the risk to the UK public.

Should we be worried?

Deaths from the new Coronavirus have already surpassed the total from SARS in 2003. The total death toll now stands at 1,367 compared to 774 fatalities from 2003 outbreak.

World Health Organisation official, Dale Fisher, has said the outbreak is “just getting started” outside China. Mr Fisher’s warning comes after the WHO described the outbreak as the “worst enemy you can ever imagine”.

Scientists now believe that Coronavirus may stay active on surfaces for several days – this is in stark contrast to flu viruses which can only last for 15 minutes.

How can I protect my family?

Basics such as washing your hands frequently and covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze apply to Coronavirus.

However, keeping surfaces clean is the most crucial part of protecting yourself and your family. Whether you’re at home or out in public, Coronavirus particles may stay active on surfaces for several days. But how do we ensure that surfaces remain sanitised?

The answer comes in the form of a revolutionary new product called Mobile Klean.

Mobile Klean is an ultraviolet light sanitiser (utilising the same technology used in hospitals), which uses a flash of ultraviolet light to eliminate virtually all bacteria and viruses, including pathogens, viruses, and other common contaminants.

This precision-engineered UV pathogen killer takes just 1 second to create a safe environment, all without the use of any chemicals. Simply “swipe away pathogens with light” and sanitise all devices and surfaces:

This pathogen killer eliminates bacteria and viruses to help protect you from Coronavirus and other illnesses.

Mobile Klean are currently running a special discount offer on their site. However, stock is not expected to last given the current situation – don’t wait to start protecting yourself and your family. Click here to get your Mobile Klean.

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