Experimental Antiviral Drug Saved A Coronavirus Patient In Critical Condition

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A potential Coronavirus drug called Remdesivir has been used to treat more a dozen patients in the US.

Doctors at the University of California Davis Medical Center administered the drug to a woman in a critical condition. “We though they were going to pass away” said George Thompson, an infectious disease specialist.

Because the patient was in a critical condition, the doctors were able to get approval from the FDA to test Remsdesivir outside a clinical trial setting. Within a day, the patient’s condition began to improve and she is now said to be “doing well”.

Similarly, the experimental drug helped 14 Americans who tested positive after traveling on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Richard Childs, an assistant surgeon and lung specialist, said that the patients were treated with the drug in a Japanese hospital. The patients were described as critically ill with an average age of 75.

“Many of them were probably going to die in a short amount of time, and just two weeks later nobody has died and more than half of them have recovered. It’s just absolutely amazing” he said.

However, both doctors admit that more testing needs to be done.

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