Preparing For Quarantine – 3 Things You’ll Actually Need

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) says self-isolation is currently “the most effective way” of preventing Coronavirus from spreading. This weekend, it will become necessary older people and those with serious health conditions self-isolate for around 12 weeks.

The Prime Minister has also advised working from home where possible and avoiding places like restaurants, bars and clubs in an attempt to create social distancing.

To prepare for this, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 things you’ll actually need during self-isolation.

Editor’s Note: This post is updated daily with the newest information and offers.

1. Device And Surface Sanitiser

Keeping your phone (and other devices) sanitiser is a smart way to keep germs off your fingertips. Think about it: you touch surfaces all day long and then you touch your phone. Those germs can transfer to your phone and back to your hands.

A gentle wipe with a cleaning product that contains 70 percent alcohol will work well. Wear disposable gloves, and wash your hands thoroughly after you’re done. You could also invest in a UV light sanitiser such as Mobile Klean.

Mobile Klean is an ultraviolet light sanitiser which uses a flash of light to eliminate virtually all bacteria and viruses. Mobile Klean are currently running a special discount offer on their site but stock is not expected to last. Click here to get your Mobile Klean.

2. Fix Your Slow WiFi

Do you have slow internet? Do you hate buffering, stuttering videos and dropped connection? Do you want super-fast, reliable internet – even when you’re in the bedroom or garden? Especially now you’re spending more time at home…

The SuperBoost WiFi is a device you plug right into the wall. It increases your internet speed and improves it’s range tremendously. And best of it, it works with ANY WiFi router!

With SuperBoost you can make sure your entire home is covered no matter how far you are from the router! Never again will you experience video interruptions or dropped connections.

SuperBoost is currently running a FLASH sale – you can get up to 50% OFF!


This is something we think a lot of people won’t have considered. Picture it: your computer is filled with various folders of priceless photos, videos and important documents. What if disaster strikes during self-isolation? Lots of businesses are closing, and if you can’t get to a technician quickly all of those memories and important documents will be gone forever.

InfinitiKloud backs up and protects all of your photos, videos and files without you needing to spend hours doing it. With InfinitiKloud, you’ll never have to worry about losing your valuable files. Just plug it in, press ‘backup’ and it does the rest.

Click here to learn more about InfinitiKloud and get yours for 50% OFF!

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