Losing Your Mind? 4 Ways To Tackle Isolation

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It’s almost been a week since Boris Johnson ordered millions of people across the country to stay at home. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to erupt, there’s a chance the government may increase the amount of time we are told to stay inside.

People suddenly have a lot of time on their hands, so here are a few things people can do to stop from going stir-crazy.

Learn Something New

Children aren’t the only ones who learn something new while sitting around the house, adults can get in on the act! Some examples include:

  • Learn a new language: there are plenty of online course and programs you can download. There are also mobile apps that provide free training on the basics of grasping a new language
  • Develop culinary skills: YouTube is full of videos teaching you everything from basic knife skills to becoming master of the BBQ. Another option would be to follow Facebook pages such as Tasty for unique recipe videos/

Binge Watch TV Shows

With streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon people can sit back and enjoy thousands of TV shows and Movies at the click of a button. Disney have just launched their new Plus streaming service which is full of the classics as well as some of their newer titles.

Play Board Games

Why not sit down and play a game with the rest of your family? It gives parents a chance to interact with the children and someone can grab the bragging rights! There are hundreds of amazing boardgames, some of our favourites include: Wits & Wagers, Trivial Pursuit and the old classic Monopoly.

Can We Recover By The End Of The Year?

Depending on how much patience you have, puzzles are another option.

Virtual Group Meetings

One of the most difficult parts of being at home is the loss of social interaction with friends and family. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can overcome that with apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and FaceTime. You can also use services like Google Hangouts or Zoom to continue with groups like a book-club.

Places of worship have also had to close their doors to avoid spreading the virus. However, many of them are live streaming weekly services.

Adapting To Isolation

Nobody really knows how long these measures might last. However, it’s vitally important to remember that self-isolation doesn’t mean isolation from the world. If you’re ever feeling lonely, pick up the phone and video chat.

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