‘The WHO Really Blew It’ President Trump Hints At Cutting Funding

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President Trump suggested on Tuesday that he would consider cutting US funding for the World Health Organisation over its poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked about his Tweet in Tuesday’s press briefing, Trump said “they would have known and they should have done. And they probably did know, so we’ll be looking into that very carefully. And we’re going to put a hold on money sent to the WHO.”

In mid-January, the World Health Organisation said there was no evidence of human to human transmission. American diplomat, Nikki Haley tweeted that “so much suffering has been caused by the mishandling of information and lack of accountability by the Chinese.”

The United States is the largest single contributor to the World Health Organisation. It voluntarily gives between $100 and $400 million per year on top of their $116 million annual fund.

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