Coronavirus Did Originate In Wuhan Lab Chinese Sources Confirm

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The COVID-19 outbreak originated in a Wuhan laboratory, according to a Fox News report.

China was attempting to demonstrate its effort to identify and combat viruses are equal or greater than the capabilities of the United States. The claim has been confirmed by multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of actions by China’s government.

It is believed the Wuhan laboratory was studying a naturally occurring strain of coronavirus, when it made the jump from bat-to-human. “Patient zero” worked at the laboratory and then accidentally spread the novel coronavirus into the population.

It is believed that Chinese officials initially blamed wet markets in an effort to deflect attention from the laboratory. The Chinese government orchestrated an extensive cover-up of data and information.

As the virus began to spread through Europe, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive titled “Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel Coronavirus.”

The Wuhan Institute of Virology Laboratory is China’s only lab that handles “advanced viruses like the novel Coronavirus.” U.S. Embassy officials had previously warned of inadequate safety at the Wuhan lab in January 2018.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Chinese Virus originated in a laboratory. The investigation must now focus on whether it’s release was intentional.

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