Opinion: Our Choice Is Not Lives Vs. Economy, It’s Deaths Vs. Deaths

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Many people remain in favour of maintaining lockdown measures. However, we must realise the sad truth that unfortunately many people will not make it out of this debacle alive.

It was clear from early January that the correct decision was to seal off China, use political pressure to encourage other countries to do the same and begin ramping up measures to not only maintain containment but also prepare for an outbreak. This should have been relatively easy on an island nation exempt from Schengen.

Unfortunately our government, along with nearly every western government, failed to do so. In part due to pressure from the hopelessly corrupt WHO and the CCP.

Consequently we’re now at the point where the virus is widespread in this country as well as through most of the world, and there’s absolutely no going back – no amount of lockdown or restrictions will ever eliminate the virus.

Therefore there’s no way out of this without a significant loss of life in some form or another. It is imperative that we all recognise this before we can move forward, discuss and debate our options.

Any relaxation of restrictions will cost lives, and the restrictions themselves will cost lives. The difference is in how much, who and the other sacrifices we take along the way. Lockdowns may not lose so many people in the short term, but be under no illusions that people’s lives have already been destroyed and doomed to being cut short.

It isn’t lives vs. economy, it’s deaths vs. deaths. The only difference being when, who and quality of life. Thinking otherwise is either being hopelessly naive or wilfully ignorant.

Coronavirus Lockdown 'Murder' Death Toll Reaches Nine

No matter where your opinion falls on the horrendous decisions we face, I hope we can all agree on one thing – China and their sycophants must face a reckoning for the evil their negligence and lies have inflicted upon the world.

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