Matt Hancock Is A Failure And Must Resign

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The Health Secretary promised on April 2 that 100,000 people a day would be tested for coronavirus by the end of the month. Yesterday, just 19,316 people were tested.

Hancock has also failed to meet the 25,000 target that was set for mid-April. Despite this, there are hundreds of willing labs that Matt Hancock’s department have chosen not to activate for the national testing effort.

We’re still months away from finding a cure or vaccine, which if we are going to be honest, may never come. The quickest way out of this mess is to test aggressively to find every single case, even those without symptoms.

Meanwhile, millions of pieces of protective equipment are being shipped from British warehouses to Germany, Spain and Italy despite the shortages in this country.

The UK firms said they had “no choice” but to sell the equipment to foreign countries because the government had ignored their offers of help. Ministers continue to insist that the shortage in Britain has been caused by global supply issues.

Hancock was ridiculed after announcing a badge for social care workers.

Matt Hancock has failed on all fronts. Instead of focusing on testing and procurement of protective equipment, his only “achievement” is a badge for social care workers who described it as “a pat on the head.”

He must now step aside, it’s time for someone competent to lead our nation’s most vital department through this crisis.

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