As Backlash Builds Against China – Beijing Is Responding Aggressively

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Last week, Australia called for an independent investigation into the origin and handling of COVID-19. Their call for a probe has led to China making economic threats against Australia.

China has never been receptive to outside criticism, and has attempted to recast itself as the hero during the pandemic. Beijing have sent vast amounts of protective equipment and even medical teams to nations struggling with the virus.

As you’d expect with China, there was an ulterior motive behind the aid.

It was revealed that Chinese officials were soliciting support and gratitude in return for aid from the German government and companies. The same is true in Poland, where President Andrzej Duda was put under pressure to call the Chinese leader and thank him for aid.

Despite Beijing’s best efforts – the backlash and mistrust of China in across the globe is growing rapidly. A record two-thirds of Americans now have an unfavourable view towards China.

A poll conducted for Unredacted shows that 83% of Britons believe China should face sanctions for their role in the coronavirus outbreak.

Even in Germany, “the mistrust of China has accelerated so quickly that no ministry knows how to deal with it,” a spokesman from the German Institute for International Affairs said.

Governments are now reviewing their reliance on China. Japan has earmarked £1.6 billion to help its manufacturers shift production out of China. In Germany, as in Britain, new questions are being raised about using Huawei for 5G infrastructure.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s administration is formulating a long-term plan to punish china. The White House plans could include sanctions, cancelling US debt obligations and drawing up new trade policies.

Can We Recover By The End Of The Year?

As the scale of Beijing’s coverup is revealed, one thing is becoming clear: China has blood on their hands.

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