New Poll Reveals What Brits Believe ‘New Normal’ Will Look Like

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A new poll conducted for exclusively for Unredacted reveals what Brits believe our ‘new normal’ could look like.

The research, carried out by, found that 54% of people plan on wearing a face mask or covering when out in public. 42% of people plan on wearing disposable gloves when out in public.

It comes as new government guidance recommends people should wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed places.

There have been conflicting opinions on whether face masks can prevent transmission of COVID-19. Despite this, a number of European countries, including France and Germany, have made the wearing of face masks compulsory in public.

The poll also found that people still aren’t ready for a return to normal. A whopping 82% of people said they would feel uncomfortable using public transport, while just 23% of people would feel comfortable going to bars and restaurants.

However, the majority of Brits are keen to start meeting with friends and family again – 58% said they would feel comfortable doing so.

The World Health Organisation Is The Problem - Not Solution
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