China Gets Nasty: Australian Exports Hit With 80 Percent Tariff

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China has imposed an extraordinary tariff on Australian barley exports as punishment for demanding an inquiry into the coronavirus outbreak. Scott Morison, the Australian Prime Minister, started pushing for an independent in April.

After weeks of threats to impose economic restrictions on Australian meat and barley, China announced on Monday an 80.5% tariff on barley exports starting today.

The tax is set to cripple Australia’s grain farmers who export around A$2 billion worth a year to China. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said it will remain in place for five years.

This is just the latest example of China playing dirty in an attempt to push back against countries who question their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier in May, it was revealed that Chinese officials were forcing countries to show support and gratitude in return for medical aid.

Beijing’s contempt for the world was evident in its initial reporting of coronavirus. As late as January, Chinese officials claimed there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission. According to Science Magazine, 86 percent of coronavirus cases were undocumented in Wuhan prior to the lockdown.

It is becoming clear that China has turned the pandemic into a propaganda war. The Chinese Peoples’ Daily recently claimed “the source of the novel coronavirus has yet to be confirmed”. Meanwhile, Chinese officials attempted to blame US military members for introducing the virus to China.

Outright lying seems to be as rampant as the virus in China.

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