Dominic Cummings Did Nothing Wrong – The Fake News Should Get Over It

A man takes his wife and child to an isolated cottage on his parent’s farm after suffering with coronavirus. His sister lives in a separate house on the farm and can look after his child should both parents become incapacitated.

It’s a story of two parents acting in the best interest of their child. Except there’s one problem: the man in this story is Dominic Cummings.

The fake news media, not known for letting facts get in the way of reporting, are now in overdrive. The entire bank holiday weekend was consumed by countless reports, segments, and interviews all accusing Cummings of breaking lockdown rules.

Dominic Cummings is without a doubt a polarising figure. The mastermind behind Brexit has become a marmite character over recent years. This story has presented the liberal media with a massive opportunity to get their own back.

During yesterday’s press conference, journalists doubled down on the strategy that has infuriated the pubic in recent weeks. The likes of Robert Peston and Laura Kuenssberg droned on, rewording the same few questions in an attempt to squeeze a little more blood out of the story.

It’s almost impressive that the fake news media have managed to pursue a story with such little merit. Not only did Dominic Cummings act legally, he acted as any parent should – in the best interests of his child.

Left wing group, Led By Donkeys, harass Dominic Cummings outside his house

Meanwhile, left-wing activists have once again shown their true colours. They have spent the last few weeks outside Cumming’s house, threatening and verbally abusing him. Their latest stunt was to pull up with a massive TV, playing the prime minister’s ‘stay at home’ address.

Why didn’t we see similar scenes after after Stephen Kinnock visited his father, Neil? Or after Professor Ferguson was caught breaking the lockdown that his data pushed for?