The World Is On Fire – End The Lockdown And Government Control

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Enough is enough – the government’s total control over our lives and restrictions on the economy must end now.

The lockdown has resulted in the total devastation of world economies with people losing their jobs and livelihoods on a scale not seen since the Great Depression.

Beyond economic misery, our health is also at risk. Cancer Research UK estimates that more than 24,000 cases of cancer have gone undiagnosed because of the lockdown. Professor Richard Sullivan, a leading cancer expert, predicts that delays in diagnosing cancer will be responsible for more years of life lost than COVID-19.

We also know that a recession leads to increased suicide rates and cases of alcoholism. The economic crisis in 2008 led to 10,000 excess suicides.

Meanwhile, protests and riots are tearing across the United States in response to the murder of George Floyd. The destruction of homes and businesses as a result of rioting will plummet many Americans into further financial hardship.

Our government must immediately navigate away from our current path as we teeter on the edge of certain self destruction. The continued dithering will only lead to further unrest as millions of families sink below the poverty line. No amount of government support will prevent this from happening if the economy collapses.

And perhaps the worst thing about continued devastation in the form of restrictions is we now know the dangers of COVID-19 were exaggerated.

Despite this grim outlook, the British government will still unveil the plans for a 14-day quarantine on all international arrivals. The new policy comes at a time when other major economies are easing restrictions on tourists.

Opinion: Our Choice Is Not Lives Vs. Economy, It's Deaths Vs. Deaths

The plans, which were announced without being reviewed by the government’s top scientists, make little sense. Summer holiday destinations most popular with Brits, such as Spain and Italy, have substantially lower COVID-19 transmission rates than our own. There is now almost zero risk involved in families traveling abroad, or foreign tourists boosting the economy by traveling here.

The chance of getting infected in Britain has also plummeted to around one in a thousand compared with one in 40 at the peak of our outbreak. A top Italian doctor has even said COVID-19 is losing its potency and has become much less lethal.

Those who continue to support a blanket lockdown are either obtuse or selfish. We now have more than enough evidence to support a return to normality. Let’s get back to living.

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