Outrage Over Sadiq Khan’s “Right Wing Extremists” Comment

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Sadiq Khan caused outrage on Saturday after declaring counter-protestors “right-wing extremists” while accusing them of racism.

“Millions of Londoners will have been disgusted by the shameful scenes of violence, desecration and racism displayed by the right-wing extremists who gathered in our city today. In the face of attacks and abuse, our police did a fantastic job to control the situation.” the London Mayor said on Facebook.

Khan has so far failed to address the violence and vandalism from Black Lives Matters protestors. Last weekend, Black Lives Matter protestors attacked a police horse which resulted in horrific injuries for the police officer who fell.

Instead, the London Mayor has setup a “diversity commission” to review London statues and street names for racism. Susan Hall, the Conservative group leader on the London assembly tweeted “TfL is on its knees, Businesses in London are desperate and yet you want to concentrate on statues. For goodness sake do your job properly, this is just a distraction.”

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