‘Protect British History’ Petition Surpasses 500,000 Signatures

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A petition to ‘Protect British History‘ has attracted more than 500,000 signatures over the weekend.

The petition was launched by campaign group Reignite, their aim is to ensure that a loud minority do not succeed in their attempts to rewrite our history. “Our history is rich and inspiring, we have an incredible amount to be proud of. We cannot allow far-left extremist and communists to rewrite it” Reignite says on their petition page.

It comes as Black Lives Matters protestors vandalised Churchill’s statue in London and declared him a racist. Sadiq Khan responded by ordering a review of all London statues and street names. The London Mayor launched a “diversity commission” tasked with overseeing the review.

Reignite now aims to hit 1,000,000 signatures on their petition before submitting it to decision makers. You can sign the petition by clicking here.

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