BBC To Spend £100 Million On ‘Diverse And Inclusive Content’

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The BBC has announced it will spend £100 million on ‘diverse and inclusive content’ in response to Black Lives Matter unrest.

The BBC, funded by the compulsory TV license fee, will also set a 20 percent diverse-talent target for all new productions from April 2021.

“The senseless killing of George Floyd – and what it tells us about the stain of systemic racism – has had a profound impact on all of us,” BBC Director-General the Lord Hall of Birkenhead said. Lord Hall, a wealthy white male, earns a salary of £400,000 a year as head of BBC.

The BBC has offered BAME-only training and internships for a number of years, with no positions offered exclusively to people from white working-class backgrounds – despite being one of the most under-represented demographics at the organisation.

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