Asylum Seekers: “We Wish We’d Stayed In France”

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A journey that started almost 3,000 miles ended with Border Force saving them from a flimsy dinghy in the English Channel.

Now, having been placed at a former Army barracks in Folkestone, the four Sudanese asylum seekers say: ‘We wish we had stayed in France’.

Adam, Mohammed, Hussain Abu-Bakr Mohammed and Yassin Mohammed were plucked from the English Channel two months ago by a Border Force patrol as water began to flood their dinghy.

After being processed, they were sent to a tax-payer funded hotel in Berkshire to await the results of their asylum applications.

Last week they were among the first to be placed at an Army facility that will be temporally used to house migrants.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, one of the asylum seekers said they were ‘kept like animals in pens’. He added: ‘The food is no good. There is only one toilet. I should have made my application [for asylum] in France.

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