Outrage over Nicola Sturgeon’s Lockdown Hypocrisy

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The SNP is facing backlash over Nicola Sturgeon’s handling COVID-19 with different levels of severity across Scotland.

Over the weekend Glasgow became the UK’s worst COVID-19 hotspot, topping the table for daily new cases. Yes pubs and restaurants remain open, although subject to the national 10PM curfew.

In August, Sturgeon closed pubs and restaurants in Aberdeen after 54 cases which she labelled a “significant outbreak”. Glasgow saw 144 new cases yesterday.

Aberdeen Council co-leader Douglas Lumsden has called on Nicola Sturgeon to publish the reports from Glasgow.

“Aberdeen had a lockdown with infection rates far lower than we are seeing in Glasgow. We need greater transparency into why the rest of the country was put at risk by not locking Glasgow down when cases started to rise. Nicola Sturgeon needs to release reports from Glasgow immediately.”

On what we’re sure is a totally unrelated note: Aberdeen council is led by no-voting unionists, whereas Glasgow is SNP-led.

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