‘Lockdown For Christmas’ SAGE Experts Tell Boris

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SAGE experts have told Boris Johnson a second wave of COVID-19 across Britain could be deadlier than the first.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser, is now pushing the Prime Minister to take more drastic action to curb the spread. SAGE now believe that all of England will be forced into full lockdown by mid-December, putting Christmas at risk.

But the Prime Minister is facing a difficult choice, with his experts calling for tougher restrictions while Tory MPs including Chancellor Rishi Sunak demand Johnson set out a lockdown exit strategy.

Other Tory MPs urged Boris to resist Sir Patrick’s demands for tougher restrictions as they claimed SAGE operate in a ‘medical vacuum’. One senior Tory MP said: ‘There is a feeling among colleagues that Vallance is somebody who not just errs on the side of caution but takes that as his inflexible position.’

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