Soul-Destroying: One In Four Pubs Set To Close For Good

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Beer left in pub cellars will have to be ‘tipped down the drain’ when the new lockdown comes into force on Thursday. Under the new rules, pubs and bars will not be able to serve alcohol to take away.

Takeaway pints were allowed as the first lockdown was eased when ministers allows people to buy alcohol from pubs and drink it in parks or on pavements.

Jonathan Neame, chief executive of Shepherd Neame, said the new measures were ‘soul-destroying’ and that the hospitality industry had ‘zero trust’ in the Government.

‘Now we’re told that all beer that is in pub cellars, we can’t even sell a pint of ale as a takeaway with a meal during lockdown, so we’ve got to tip that all down the drain.’

One industry figure, Nik Atona, warned the rule would only benefit supermarkets which can continue to sell alcohol.

‘Pubs and breweries were already reporting losses and the risk of closure before Christmas, and this will only add to the risk of permanent closures within the next few months.’

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