Game Over? Biden Overtakes Trump In Pennsylvania And Georgia

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Joe Biden has taken an astonishing lead in Pennsylvania by 5,597 votes and is now poised for election victory, leading in four of the remaining swing states. It’s still to early to call the entire state for Biden, with 140,000 votes left to count.

Unlike in Pennsylvania, the votes in Georgia, Nevada and Arizona are still not being counted.

Trump is refusing to accept what now seems like an inevitable defeat. Last night, he launched a 17-minute attack on big tech, big money, and the Democrats from the White House briefing room. Some US news outlets, such as ABC, CBS and NBC refused to broadcast his speech.

CNN continued to air the president’s full speech, after which presenter Anderson Cooper said Trump was ‘an obese turtle flailing in the sun.’

Trump’s position will likely make Biden’s transition to power a nightmare, should he win enough electoral college votes.

Meanwhile Donald Trump Jr gave a speech in Georgia, where Trump’s lead is now just a few hundred votes, calling for his father to ‘fight to the death’ and urging him to ‘go to war’ to ‘expose all of the fraud that has been going on for far too long’.

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