Best Unusual Christmas Gifts: Unique Ideas That Stand Out

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It can be hard to come up with present ideas at the best of times but without being able to browse in store, the job of finding that perfect gift is even more difficult this year. We decided to help by rounding up the most unique gifts to buy your loved ones for Christmas 2020.

Tonik™ Vitamin C Skin Refiner

Tonik™ Vitamin C Skin Refiner is a Vitamin C treatment with a one-of-a-kind formula that contains 2 key powerhouse ingredients: pure Vitamin C and active Aloe Vera. That means it’s as potent from the first drop to the last, giving you better results in half the time.

  • Fades the appearance of age spots
  • Improves collagen synthesis for firmer, suppler, younger looking sin
  • Instantly smooth skin texture
  • Visibly notice even skin tone in as little as 1 week

EXCLUSIVE: You can get Tonik™ Vitamin C Skin Refiner for up-to 60% off with FREE delivery.

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Soothe Insole

Soothe Insole’s award winning shoe inserts instantly relieve pressure from your heel and forefoot – providing soothing relief to your feet, legs, and back in minutes.

They work in every type of shoe (even sandals!) and provide you with increased support, balance, and comfort you’ve been searching for. Get ready to enjoy all your favourite activities without any of the pain!

EXCLUSIVE: You can get Soothe Insole for up-to 60% off with FREE delivery.

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Kore Relief

Kore Relief uses cutting-edge EPM technology to stimulate your muscles, improve circulation and relieve pain and swelling in just 15 minutes. The ingenious device actively improves circulation by stimulating the muscles in your legs and feet which can reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Simply place your feet on the device and select your preferred intensity. From the comfort of your sofa, or while working from your desk… use it anywhere you can sit!

EXCLUSIVE: You can get Kore Relief for up-to 65% off with FREE delivery.

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