Outrage: Extinction Rebellion Hijack The Cenotaph On Remembrance Day

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Extinction Rebellion activists hijacked the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day causing outrage. They unveiled a banner reading ‘Honour Their Sacrifice, Climate Change Means War’ at the memorial on Whitehall.

The act was branded as ‘truly shameful’ and ‘cowardly’ by veterans and social media users this morning. The Metropolitan Police later pulled down the banner and wreath from the memorial.

But the stunt appeared to backfire as social media users slammed the group. Darren Grimes wrote: ‘These privileged prats seem to be doing all they can to turn public opinion against them.’

One person sympathetic to the group’s views added: ‘I’m fully on board with the message of Extinction Rebellion but doorstepping David Attenborough and protesting at the Cenotaph on today of all days. Who runs your PR?! Yes people are talking about you but not in a good way. Alienating people is the opposite of what we need Disappointed face’

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