BBC Out Of Touch Media Regulator Warns

The loyalty of older BBC viewers is draining as the corporation desperately tries to attract younger audiences, a report from media regulator Ofcom has revealed.

Ofcom also said that the BBC was out of touch with large swatches of license fee payers, with satisfaction levels from over-55s ‘waining’ for the first time. Older people have a less ‘positive overall impression’ of the broadcaster, Ofcom’s annual report found.

The report also revealed that many areas outside of London feel they are not properly represented. Less than half of those from working-class backgrounds rated the BBC highly for ‘showing a good range of programmes that include people like me’.

Recent polling also found that two thirds of Brits say the mandatory license fee should be abolished.

These findings come in the wake of widespread anger this year over decisions made by the corporation. It came under fire for scrapping free TV licenses for over-75s. There was further embarrassment when public outcry at a decision not to have singers perform Rule, Britannia! and Land of Hope and Glory forced a u-turn.

Former MEP Rupert Lowe Tweeted that it is ‘no surprise’ support for the broadcaster is falling.