Thousands March Against Lockdown Restrictions – 150 Arrested As Police Clash

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Central London descended into chaos today as riot police arrested over 150 anti-lockdown protestors as thousands took to the streets.

Dozens of the demonstrators clashed with police while thousands more gathered in the capital amid growing anger at the government’s new tier system.

Almost 100 Conservative MPs are threatening to rebel against Boris Johnson’s new tier system next week. Meanwhile Michael Gove warned rebellious MPs that their failure to back the measures would lead to hospitals being ‘overrun’.

Without the support of Tory MPs, Boris Johnson could be forced to rely on Kier Starmer to get the new measures approved in Parliament.

It comes as economic experts revealed that the Prime Minister’s decision to impose tougher tiers on 99% of the country will cost the UK a staggering £900 million a day.

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