Kay Burley And Beth Rigby Taken Off Air Over Birthday Bash

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Kay Burley and at least three other senior Sky News staff including Beth Rigby have been taken off the air after their ‘furious’ bosses launching an investigation into claims they broke tier two rules.

Burley was absent from presenting duties yesterday after issuing an apology for breaking the restrictions during her 60th birthday party in London on Saturday night.

It is understood that Kay Burley and others who attended the dinner have been taken off the air while an internal inquiry is carried out to determine whether the celebrations were ‘COVID compliant’.

Sky News veteran Adam Boulton retweeted a message about the scandal which said: ‘Look at the state of Sky News. The morons spent all summer preaching to us and not look at them!’

Adam Boulton retweeted a viewer’s angry message branding the partygoers morons

Critics have also blasted Beth Rigby, who aggressively grilled Dominic Cummings after he flouted lockdown rules during the infamous press conference in the Downing Street garden.

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