Facebook Keeps Ban On Trump’s Social Media Account

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Trump supporters in the US stormed the offices of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congress to try and stop Joe Biden being certified. 

Trump’s tweets and posts on the matter saw social media giants Facebook and Twitter remove his accounts. 

They included a video he posted and a tweet where he described his supporters as “special”.

Twitter has since reinstated Trump’s account, but Facebook have kept the ban indefinitely. President Trump could easily get in trouble again in due course and removing his accounts forever has not been ruled out by the social media companies.

Questions have been raised about their actions and what it means for freedom of speech.

There have been calls to impeach President Trump and remove him from the office as soon as possible even though he is only there for a week or so more following Joe Biden’s formal certification as President.

Undredacted is running a poll to find out how readers feel about Facebook and Twitter’s actions. Click below to take the survey.

Were Facebook and Twitter right to deactivate President Trump’s social media accounts? 

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