Top Harvard Professor Says Aliens Exist And Earth Is Their Rubbish Bin!

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A Harvard professor has said that as recently as 2017, rubbish from an alien civilisation was in our solar system. 

The professor sets out in his book “Extra-terrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth” that a recent asteroid was actually a piece of discarded alien technology. 

Unlike families up and down the country, the Chair of Harvard’s Department of Astronomy findings show that aliens clearly don’t recycle. Instead we get their rubbish. 

The garbage was about 90 meters long and initially scientists thought it was a rock or comet. Thanks to the professor this theory is now likely to be binned.

Unredacted has been running a poll on readers views on whether aliens exist. Currently 1 in 4 Brits think the discovery from the Harvard professor makes them think it’s more likely aliens exist. 

What do you think?

Do aliens really exist?

Is earth’s solar system their black bin?

Comment below to give your view.

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