Mother Blasts Apple After Her Son Spends £1,200 On Online Games

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A mother-of-two has accused Apple of ‘enabling’ children to spend money online after her son spent over £1,200 on games.

Abi Smith received emails confirming her son Harry, 7, had made 60 in-app purchases without her permission. She had installed a password on his iPad but Harry figured out how to swap it with his fingerprint.

Ms Smith, from Hertfordshire, was forced to borrow money to pay off the charges and has now blasted Apple for refusing to give her a refund.

She said: ‘These games are addictive and constantly encouraging children to spend more money. Apple are enabling that platform for children to do that.

‘I’m furloughed. I’ve already got a reduction in my monthly payment, to then have it literally wiped. I had to borrow money to sort my bills out.’

Mr Smith said her bank had refused to stop the payments because they were classed as authorised. She then applied to refund each purchase but Apple twice refused to refund her money.

Apple provides an ‘Ask to Buy’ feature which sends a request to a family member whenever a child tries to make a purchase – it is unclear if Ms Smith had it enabled on her son’s iPad.

Apple has since confirmed it would refund Ms Smith the money.

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