Explosion At Dutch COVID-19 Test Centre As Anger Over Lockdown Grows

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A COVID-19 test centre was rocked by an explosion in the Netherlands this morning as anger grows over the country’s lockdown measures. Police said the building was likely the target of a deliberate attack.

The explosion happened shortly before 7am and the test centre appears to have been the target, but there were no injuries. Local broadcaster NOS said a metal pipe exploded outside the building – the area has now been sealed off while explosive experts check the location is safe.

This morning’s attack in the town of Bovenkarspel is at least the second of its kind. Another testing centre was attacked by protestors in late-January.

The pandemic has wiped out Netherland’s economy with the food and accommodation sectors plunging 70% in 2020. The government announced a partial easing of the lockdown last week for schools, but the wider lockdown remains in place.

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