The Other Half: Boris And Carrie Spend £12,500 On Gourmet Takeaways During Pandemic

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Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have dined on luxury prepared meals during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to a secret £12,500 gourmet food supply provided by one of the most expensive food stores in Britain.

Daylesford, owned by the family of a billionaire Conservative Party donor, have delivered around 30 giant boxes of shopping and up to 100 prepared meals to Downing Street. A box of weekly shopping is delivered on Tuesdays and pre-prepared meals are dropped off at lunchtime on weekdays.

Daylesford boxes are smuggled in Downing Street’s rear entrance

The organic farm store is favoured by celebrities including Hugh Grant and charges £50 for two pre-prepared meals and around £250 for each weekly shopping delivery.

In their determination to keep the deliveries a secret, Mr Johnson and Miss Symonds allowed the Daylesford boxes to bypass strict security checks at the Downing Street main entrance – instead opting for the boxes to be smuggled in via the rear entrance.

The upmarket deliveries mean that can continue to dine in style without needing to queue at supermarkets.

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