Even The WHO Agrees: No Reason To Stop Using AstraZeneca Vaccine

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The World Health Organization said today there is no reason to stop using Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines after reports of blood clots prompted several European countries to suspend their rollout.

Denmark, Norway and Iceland have suspended use of AstraZeneca vaccines after a 49-year-old nurse died within 10 days of getting the jab. Germany and France are both continuing with their rollout of the vaccine.

WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said today: ‘Yes, we should continue using the AstraZeneca vaccine. There is no indication not to use it.’

The remarks come as Thailand join the list of countries who have stopped use of the jab. Thai officials held a press conference saying they would wait for other countries to deliver a verdict.

‘Vaccine injections for Thais must be safe, we do not have to be in a hurry’ an advisor to the country’s vaccine committee said.

Britain continues to inoculate people with the AstraZeneca vaccine after Number 10 assured people it’s ‘safe and effective’.

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