Time To Resign? Nicola Sturgeon Faces Calls After Bombshell Inquiry

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Nicola Sturgeon is facing renewed calls to resign after an inquiry concluded she misled Scottish Parliament over her handling of sexual harassment claims against Alex Salmond.

A committee of MSPs concluded Ms Sturgeon’s ‘inaccurate’ evidence amounted to a ‘potential breach of the ministerial code’, which is considered a resignation offence. The First Minister stuck by her testimony last night while accusing the committee members of playing party politics.

Ms Sturgeon had claimed she did not offer to intervene in the complaints process against Mr Salmond during a meeting with him in 2018. Yet the committee concluded this claim was a ‘fundamental contradiction’ to the testimony from Mr Salmond.

They say Mr Salmond’s account was corroborated by his legal adviser, Duncan Hamilton QC, who told the inquiry that Ms Sturgeon said: ‘if it comes to it, I will intervene.’

Scottish Conservative Party leader Douglas Ross said: ‘we cannot set a precedent that a First Minister of Scotland can mislead the Scottish Parliament and get away with it. We have to trust that the First Minister will be truthful. We no longer can.’

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