Europe Threatens To Block UK’s Second Vaccine Doses

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French foreign affairs minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, today suggested the UK is at the mercy of EU exports to deliver its second Pfizer vaccine doses.

‘The United Kingdom has taken great pride in vaccinating well with the first dose except they have a problem with the second dose… and now you’re a bit handicapped because you don’t have the second one.’

It came after similar remarks from his boss Emmanuel Macron, who is leading a push for an EU wide export ban on vaccines. Brussels has previously accused AstraZeneca of not fulfilling its contractual obligation to supply the bloc with 120 million doses in the first quarter, with only 30 million deliveries so far.

The EU has so far stepped back from imposing a vaccine export ban – which was being pushed by Ursela von der Leyen. Angela Merkel and Dutch leader Mark Rutte have instead called for a diplomatic approach.

EU Playing Vaccine Politics Is Costing 'Thousands Of Lives'
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