‘There Is No Negotiation’: EU Says ‘Zero’ Vaccines Will Be Exported To The UK

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A senior EU official has threatened to block all AstraZeneca supplies from entering the UK until the company increases its deliveries to member states.

Thierry Breton, the EU’s internal market commissioner, said ‘zero’ AstraZeneca jabs made on the continent would be allowed to leave the European Union until the company has fulfilled its commitments.

Mr Breton’s statement has shot down hopes that Brussels and London could split doses made at of the firm’s European manufacturing facilities, after he said ‘there is nothing to negotiate’.

Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay said it was ‘bizarre’ that EU member states has banned the AstraZeneca vaccines over small blood clot risks, yet were ‘up in arms that they haven’t got enough of it’.

On Tuesday night, Germany became the latest state to suspend the vaccine. France, Norway and Spain have also restricted its rollout. The EU’s medical watchdog was forced to once again throw its support behind the vaccine, saying there was no proof it caused blood clots.

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