Biden Blows It: 80,000 Russian Troops On Ukrainian Border In Defiance Of US Leader

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Russian troops have painted assault vehicles with ‘invasion stripes’ similar to ones painted on Soviet Army tanks during the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. The strips also appeared on some Russian vehicles during the Cold War.

Putin has been mobilising his forces on the border of Ukraine for weeks and there are now around 80,000 Russian troops there supported by hundreds of military vehicles.

It comes after Joe Biden called for Putin to ‘de-escalate’ the situation alongside an offer of a summit between both leaders.

Fyodor Lukyanow, editor of Russian in Global Affairs, said the Kremlin would see Biden’s invitation as proof of his weak leadership: ‘In Russia, the prospect of a meeting will be presented as a major achievement, and in a sense it is, because not long ago Biden said offensive things about Putin and, when asked to talk, said there was no time,’ he said.

In another sign Biden is now softening his tone towards Russia, the deployment of two US destroyers into the Black Sea was cancelled last night.

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