Spare Their Blushes: No Royals Will Wear Uniform Because Of Harry And Andrew

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All senior members of the Royal Family will wear mourning dress at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on Saturday.

A last minute decision, approved by the Queen, has been made that no royals will wear military uniform in order to present a united family front.

The issue stemmed from Prince Andrew demanding to wear the uniform of an admiral, a position he had deferred taking up in the wake of the Epstein scandal.

It led to concerns within the Royal Household that if Andrew were denied his request to go in uniform, he and Harry would be the only ones in civilian dress. A source said: ‘There was a risk of real embarrassment.’

As a former Captain within the Household Cavalry, Harry is only entitled to wear a suit with any medals he has been awarded in the course of his duties or by the Queen.

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